Classes, Private 1-2-1 & Closed group sessions 

These sessions are available by appointment only.

Prices start from £65 per session, discounts packages available. 

Contact for more info!

North West London Studio:

Feeling The Healing

8A Accommodation Road, Golders Green, London NW11 8ED

South West London Studio:

Brixton Acupuncture & Shiatsu Space

Tunstall Studios, 34-44 Tunstall Road, London SW9 8DA

Weekly Group Classes

Wednesday Evenings 6:45pm - 7:45pm

£10 Drop-in

All levels are welcome

Qi Gong

Stanley Halls
12 South Norwood Hill, London, SE25 6AB

Park Life (Outdoor Qi Gong)

£120For 4 sessions

Sessions costs may vary. A consultation and assesment of your needs would take place initially before anything is agreed. Please contact our admin team before booking.

Qi Gong

Connect more with nature, Let's train in a park near you. Contact our admin team to arrange a consultation

Qi Gong

Monday Day Time 11am - 12noon


All levels are welcome

London Irish Community Centre
2a Davenport Road SE6 2AZ

Qi Gong
at the office or at home

Lunch times or after office hours at your work place. Or may be at Home

£65(Starting from)

All levels are welcome

Contact our admin team to arrange a consultation

Session FAQ’s

Can I pay as i go for classes?

Yes! We have a ‘Drop-In’ price basically means, you turn up and pay for that one-off session. You can also pay for multiple sessions which in the long run will work out cheaper per session.

Are there any health benefits from Qi Gong?

Definitely! Using Qi Gong will improve all aspects of well-being such as balance, energy, strength, flexibility, concentration and a lot more…

Is Qi Gong a martial art and do we have to learn to fight?

Qi Gong is not a martial art or self-defence but is a path to well-being, a better you. There is no fighting involved.

I haven’t participated in any physical activity for a while. Am i suitable for Qi Gong?

We encourage all levels no matter your age, your ability or your current level of fitness. You can do a little or a lot and still feel refreshed and energized.

Can Qi Gong help any type of illnesses?

Yes! Studies have proven that regular practice of Qi Gong can help with Arthritis and Hypertension (lower blood pressure).

Still have a question to ask?

We are here to help you!

Call us on 07984029894