Some of our happy clients

Ms Stephanie Reed

Wellbeing and Heathy living consultant

It was a Sunday morning, and I was at the top of a hill in Greenwich Park on a lovely sunny day, for my introduction to Qi Gong. Wayne, my instructor, began the session with us focusing on the breath and relaxing each part of the body. He then guided me through a series of gentle movements to improve body awareness and mobility. As a result of his years of training and practice he has developed an acute ability to sense the direction and strength of chi, the Life Force, flowing within himself and the student. He can see and sense when the student’s body is out of balance. He made subtle adjustments to my posture to help me feel more stable and to allow the chi to flow more freely. By the end of the 1 1⁄2 hour session I felt more expanded – meaning that I had a heightened perception of everything around me. The colours of the trees and flowers around us were more vibrant. I also felt incredibly calm and at peace. In this modern age, with our typical stressful lifestyles, I feel that Qi Gong is a beautiful way to bring ourselves ‘back to centre’ and restore peace. Peace = Power. The power to guide your life in the direction you desire. And the power to be in control of your being no matter what is happening around you. If you have a session with Wayne you can have confidence that you are in the hands of someone who already has a deep understanding of Energy. His calming presence and gentle guidance will help you to learn how to direct the Life Force within you to bring flexibility, strength and peace.


Esther Austin

Holistic Healer and Intuitive Psychic Reader

Following a session in the park with Wayne I came away feeling energised but also very very calm and centred. I had no idea what to expect. Wayne has a very calming influence with the way he teaches as well as being very articulate and also being aware of where his client is at, at every stage.. He was very aware at every stage of our training, what we were doing, how we were experiencing the training and even what we were feeling. His powers of observation are very high. I will definitely be doing more classes with Wayne in the future.

Ms Haplin


It was a very special day for me a year ago when I was walking round the lake in my Local Park, and Wayne introduced himself to me, explaining that he was starting up classes in Qi Gong locally. I had never heard of Qi Gong before so I went home and researched it, and decided that I would like to give it a try. From the moment that I walked into the room, I felt calmed by the relaxing music, and Wayne’s very warm welcome. I was immediately struck by how passionate Wayne is about Qi Gong, The joy of the subject literally shining out of him, and how much he wants to share the amazing benefits with as many people as possible to improve their lives. I was first a little concerned because I suffer from arthritis in both my hips and lower back pain, I explained this to Wayne, and he reassured me that Qi Gong would be beneficial, and he showed me exercises that would be good for me. The classes have taught me about mind body and spirit connection and have had rejuvenating and positive influence on my health and wellbeing. Certainly Wayne’s enthusiasm and energy is inspiring and the classes are never boring, there is always something different to learn in every class. Wayne is very respectful; He always pays attention to everyone in the class correcting posture where needed and is very patient. I recommend Wayne’s classes to anyone looking for a safe and enjoyable experience with a view to improving their health and well-being.